Resetting tokens

Reset your tokens

If you run into any problems with your tokens and have problems opening the plugin, you can always reset your tokens.


If you have the tokens only on the local document, you will lose these tokens by resetting the tokens. If you have your tokens connected to an external syncing provider, you can pull the tokens again from the repository after resetting the tokens.

1. Open your console

Open your developer tools and go to the console: Cmd + Option + i (on a Mac) or Ctrl +Shift + i (on Windows) and then click on the Console tab.

2. Get tokens JSON

Inside the console enter figma.root.getSharedPluginData("tokens", "values") to get the token JSON.

Get tokens JSON

3. Reset tokens JSON

After you got the JSON via the command above, you can try to fix the JSON (e.g. by copying it into a code editor).

Then enter figma.root.setSharedPluginData("tokens", "values", "INSERT YOUR JSON HERE}}") to set the JSON to what you'd like to set it to.

You can also just type figma.root.setSharedPluginData("tokens", "values", "") to reset the JSON to an empty state.

Reset tokens JSON

4. Restart plugin

Afterwards you can restart the plugin and it will show you the ‘Get Started’ page.