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Color modifiers (Pro)

Color Modifiers (Pro)

As a Pro user you are now able to manipulate colors to create slight variations of a specific base color. Currently there are four modifiers available: lighten, darken, mix, alpha.

The color modifier can for example be used to create a hover state that is a bit brighter, a pressed state which is a bit darker or a color ramp from the base color.

How to use

Create a base color and add a modifier

Choose the type of operation (lighten, darken, mix or alpha) and the color space (lcc, srgb, p3 or hsl) Next, choose the amount for the modifier (this is an amount between 0 and 1).

Available modifiers


When we lighten we take the base color and increase lightness by a percentage that equals the amount, so a 0.1 amount will mean the color gets 10% lighter. A value of 1 means you’re getting a white, so it’s always in relation to the base color to white.

0 amount: no change in lightness
1 amount: white


Applying a darken modifier means we’re darkening the current color closer to the darkest shade in relation to the amount. So a 0.1 amount will mean the color gets 10% darker, an amount of 1 means pure black.

0 amount: no change in darkness
1 amount: black


If you want to mix a color with another color you can use the mix modifier. The amount means: 0 = the original base color is used. 1 = the color to be mixed with is used. A value of 0.5 means a 50% split between those values.

0 amount: base color
1 amount: mix color


To transparentize colors you can use the alpha modifier, which takes the base color and makes it transparent according to the amount. 0 = transparent, 1 = fully opaque.

0 amount: fully transparent
1 amount: fully opaque


Note: Currently it’s only possible to add one modifier to a base color at once.


Note 2: is the color library used for the implementation of the color modifiers.