Using tokens
Applying tokens

Applying tokens

There are two ways how you can apply tokens to your selection:

Default behaviour (left-click)

When you left-click a token this token is being put on your selection (multiple layers selected are possible!). For certain tokens we assume defaults, such as for Colors we assume you want to apply Fill.

Specifying what to apply (right-click)

You can right-click tokens to specify what property should be set, such as in Spacing the Left, Top, Right, Bottom or Gap properties individually

Control where to apply changes

You can control what parts of your design get updated by utilizing the Apply selector in the bottom left of the plugin. You can choose between

  • Apply to page (currently selected page will get updated)
  • Apply to document (all pages get updated, possibly slow)
  • Apply to selection (only the currently selected nodes will get updated)

Also, we give you more control what happens after you change a token. By setting Update on change to false, the plugin will require you to manually press the Update button to send changes to your page/document/selection.