As Tokens make most sense in a team environment, some sort of Sync is required to keep values updated while the team is working on different files.

Sync options

  • Local storage (default)
  • URL (new)
  • GitHub (new)

Local storage

By default all tokens are stored in the document where you're working in. If you need to work in multiple documents, this option won't work as it means you'd have to copy paste your tokens to the other document.

You can use to create an account and sync your tokens there. It's a free and easy way to sync your tokens, they're not version controlled by default though.


Pulls tokens from a remote .json stored on your server. This is a read-only sync method.


The recommended way as it allows your design decisions to live in the same place as your code lives. Connect to a repository, pull and push tokens or choose a branch you want to push to, which allows you to explore design decisions before pushing them to production.