Since tokens are most useful in a team environment, it's also essential to have a version control in place to ensure that token values remain updated while the team members are working on different files.

To select one of the sync providers, in the Settings tab, you should find the Add New button. You will find the following options in the menu.

Sync options

  • Local storage (default)
  • URL
  • GitHub
  • GitLab
  • Azure DevOps
  • Supernova
  • Generic Versioned Storage
Syncing providers - step 1

Local storage

By default, all tokens are stored on the document that you're working in. If you need to work in multiple documents, this option won't work as it means you would have to copy paste your tokens to the other document.


Pulls tokens from a remote .json stored on your server. This is a read-only sync method.

You can use by creating an account and syncing your tokens there. It's a free and easy way to sync your tokens, but they are however not version controlled by default.


The recommended way as it hosts your code and design decisions in the same location. By connecting to a repository, you can pull and push tokens or even select a branch to push to. This allows you to explore design decisions before deploying them to a production environment. Additionally, we provide support for GitHub Enterprise for enhanced functionality and compatibility.


Like GitHub, you can use GitLab to store your tokens on your repository.

Azure DevOps

Allows you to store your tokens on ADO.


Allows you to sync your tokens between Tokens Studio and Supernova.

Generic Versioned Storage

An extension off of the URL storage. This storage provider supports read/only, read/write and read/write/create flows. Additionally it can be extended with arbitrary headers on the requests should you need more fined grained support for your end-point.

BitBucket (not yet)

We're planning on integrating BitBucket as well, but have hit a roadblock with their API. If you'd like to support us in that effort, reach out on Slack in #feat-bitbucket-sync.