Keeping styles in sync

Keeping styles in sync

Naturally you'd want your styles to update whenever you update your tokens. If you're using Themes we offer an easy way to do that. Any time you rename a token, the plugin will ask if you want to also rename any connected style. This is only possible if you're doing that change in the file where that style is defined, though.

As edits sometimes happen also outside of the file, we offer a Sync styles option in the Styles part of the bottom section of the plugin.

There, you have access to Rename styles and Remove styles that are not connected. You'd perform this step in the file where your styles are defined (for that theme).

Trying to keep styles in sync without using Themes

If you're not using Themes, you have to keep the names of styles and tokens the same, then the plugin will update their value for you if the name matches. However you'd have to delete and rename on your own.