Beta builds

Beta Builds

From time to time, beta builds are released before a new version is published. If you want to get in on this process, let me know on Twitter by writing a DM.

Installing a development build

If you received a beta build, here's a short guide explaining how to install it. First of all, it's important that you're using the Figma Desktop app. Development builds won't work on the browser version of Figma. Download it here.

To get started, click on the menu icon in Figma and type Manage — you should find the entry Manage plugins. Click on it.

Next, click on Create new plugin in the Development section.

Then click on Choose a manifest.json file and navigate to where you downloaded the ZIP File. Select the manifest.json file.

That's it! You now got a development build of Tokens Studio for Figma. Start it by right clicking anywhere in a document and choose Plugins > Tokens Studio for Figma (Dev)

Known issues

Check the Contributing page if you run into any problems.