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Composition tokens (Pro)

Composition Tokens

If you are on a Pro plan, you can now create and use composition tokens.

Composition tokens are a way to create a token that is a combination of other token types.

For example, you want to create a single token for a card that combines a color token, a border radius token, spacing tokens and a shadow token. This is now possible with composition tokens.

Create a Composition Token

To create a composition token, click on the + button next to the Composition token section.

Creating a composition token in Tokens Studio for Figma

In the creation modal, enter a unique name and select the property (fill, borderRadius, width, height etc.) you want to add to the composition token.

Selecting property in composition token

You can set a raw value or an alias token for the property.

To add another property click on the + icon, select the property and enter the value.

Add new property to composition token

Click Create, the composition token can now be applied like any other token.