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Asset tokens

Asset Tokens

To make it possible to tokenize logo’s, backgrounds and any other image, we created Asset tokens. The asset tokens allow you to use an image url as a fill for any layer. This can be very useful in white-label projects, where you need to change the assets, next to colors and typography.

How to use

Create an Asset token under the ‘Asset’ category by clicking on the ‘+’ icon.
Enter a token name and an asset url.


Currently the image source needs to have its own CORS (Cross-Origin Resource Sharing) validation. Some websites already have that implemented (e.g. Unsplash), but otherwise you can put this behind a CORS proxy. More information on CORS can be found here. We'll be adding a CORS proxy in a future release.

After creating the asset token, you can apply the token by selecting any layer. The plugin will fetch the image from the url and replace the image on the layer.